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Priority Hubs Connect → Priority Hubs’ affiliate marketing program

The Priority Hubs Connect Program helps people, content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With tons of products available on Priority Hubs, Connect use easy link-building tools to direct your audience to your recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases* and programs.

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Share our products with your audience.Create content and recommend products* to your social media, YouTube and Podcast audience.


Share your Recommended Products & Earn commissions from qualifying purchases and programs. Our competitive conversion rates help maximize earnings.

How does it work?

Step 1: Register yourself for the affiliate program simply by filling the form further down on this page.
Step 2: After successful approval, you will get an email with confirmation and access to your affiliate area.
Step 3: Copy your unique reference code from your affiliate area.
Step 4: Start promoting via any digital media, e.g. social media, reviews, use cases, promotional videos etc.
Step 5: Every person you refer to our site that registers as a plus member, you get a commission.

How much is the commission?

You will earn 20% commission on each successful plus member you refer. All the commissions have 30 days locking period, after which they can be withdrawn.

Who is eligible?

Everyone is welcome to apply, whether you’re a visitor, customer or existing vendor, each application is reviewed manually. Once approved, you will get a confirmation email. We have some internal criteria’s for review; however, certain profiles are not eligible for the program at this time, including coupon, cashback and voucher sites.

How do I get paid?

A Stripe or PayPal account is a must for receiving your affiliate payment. If you don’t have a Stripe or PayPal account, please sign up for one first. Affiliate payments are made on the first week of a month. The minimum payable amount is $25.00. Please note, only existing vendors with a connected Stripe account can be paid out to Stripe.

From where can I track my earnings?

You will be provided an affiliate dashboard from where you can keep a tab on all your referral statistics. Also, you will get immediate email notification when a plus member has signed up from your affiliate link.

How do I promote?

There are many ways to promote but some of the most proven strategies are blog posts, social media posts and word of mouth.

It’s your audience and you know their behaviour and expectations better than anyone else. As per our part, we will provide you various creative’s that you can use directly to your website.

Can I earn commissions from renewals?

Sadly, we don’t offer any commission for membership renewals at this time.

How long does the affiliate referral last?

Starting from the day a visitor first arrives from your affiliate link till the 30th day, if the conversion happens you will receive the commission. The mechanism is cookie based and has its limitation. If someone clears their browser cookie or visits from another browser, then the system will not be able to find the referrer and hence you will not be credited the sale.